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How to play Recursive!

Table of contents

  1. Game scene components
    1. Grid
    2. Instructions library
    3. Program editor
  2. Tutorials
    1. Tutorial 1
    2. Tutorial 2
    3. Tutorial 3
    4. Tutorial 4
    5. Tutorial 5
    6. Tutorial 6

1. Game scene components

The main components of the game scene are the grid, the instructions library and the program editor. They are illustrated in the screenshot below.

a. Grid

The grid contains robots, gems, and other types of elements. Robots will execute the program you compose, and your goal is to make them collect all gems.

b. Instructions library

You can drag instructions from the instructions library into the editor to create programs. Here is the list of the available instructions.

Instructions Library

c. Program editor

The program editor contains the sections. Each section is dedicated to a chip of a specific color, and you can add instructions from library to edit the program contained in the chip.

For example, here are the inscructions the blue robot will run with the following program.

Instructions Library
  1. Move forward once.
  2. Rotate left twice.
  3. Load the blue chip.
  4. Restart the program again from the step 1.

2. Tutorials

a. Tutorial 1

Drag the "move forward" instruction from the instructions library into the "blue chip" area in the editor. Then tap the run button.

b. Tutorial 2

To delete the extra instruction, drag it outside the editor area.

c. Tutorial 3

Find and add the correct instructions to the blue chip and green chip areas so that robots can collect all gems.

d. Tutorial 4

Add the "Blue Chip" instruction to the green robot program to make it transform into a bleu robot and execute the corresponding program.

e. Tutorial 5

Make both robots switch color. You will see how this will make them recusively repeat the program.

f. Tutorial 6

Add the "Blue Chip" instruction to the blue robot program. This will make it reload the same program again and again and repeat it forever.